Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Say That You Will (Stay)

the city of beach, bed, and umbrella. taken by bozo_8

I am surrounded by the silence of a snowstorm with the thick scratchless train window pane between. And there is this solitude that only traveling and a good pair of headphones can settle you into.

I think of the irony of pigeon lances atop passing church crosses. My easily and currently bruised knees. my train companions likeness to Che Gevera. and how your ankles were always falling past the edge of the bed.

Time shuttles past. In bright blue electric lines and I am already jealous of myself in this now, past moment whose end will be marked by the trains arrival and thinking of more practical things. My bills. Resumes. Gas mileage.

Marked by another continent and someone elses ankles.


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