Tuesday, December 01, 2009

songs for the silence.

waiting. by ynot

We should all have soundtracks for pieces of time in our lives. one for autumn. One for a lover. One for faith. For the moment we started our own family. The moment puberty hit. These kinds of things. And I think advent should be one of these particiularly held, communicated moments. It is important. to me. So I will sit around and soak it up, listening to thoughts about time and timing. wishes and waiting. put poetically. practically. so I understand it.

here’s my list and in this order.

Coal War. Joshua James
All My Days. Alexi Murdoch
Time Goes Away. Rosie Thomas
The Longer I Lay Here. Pedro the Lion
Please Stop Time. Tyler Ramsey
Table for Two. Derek Webb
Revelator. Gillian Welch
Communion Cups and Someones Coat. Iron and Wine
Here at the Right Time. Josh Ritter
In My Time of Need. Ryan Adams
Passing Afternoon. Iron and Wine


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