Saturday, December 19, 2009

Adventures and the Aftermath

eleonore in the snow by milkie


I love adventures and tonight, there the most delicious one afoot.

The lights have gone out and I have never seen this much snow before. I pulled my bed into the den with the wood burning stove and piano. Lit four candles. Thanked my elementary computer teacher for making me memorize as I pressed practiced keys in the dark. Thought about call of the wild. Where the wild things are. and cold mountain. and stacked the wood so high, you would have laughed and reminded me how they looked like linken-logs.

All these memories are housed only in my mind. To be released only through my own recollection of them. In a journal or on a camera. or strung into some selfish regale I will later mention in a crowd to boost my independent persona.

I miss sharing and I am weary of having adventures alone.

I wanted you here with me. grinning about linken logs and laughing.

Please come find me under all this snow.



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