Monday, December 08, 2008

One Certain Letter: An Autobiography About Finding Home

movement. by maya newman

"And angels everywhere were in my midst. The ones I loved and the ones that I'd kissed"

I've been looking for home all my life. And here, the home I've found, I've found in people. Ones I laughed among. Ones I barely met. Ones I loved. Ones I kissed. I have decided over the next several months, to write a series of letters to honor the weight of these homes. these people. These letters will be written as my way of threading through. holding on and letting go. being thankful or grieving. remembering. As a way of saying what I would have said, had the words come out right in the moment. As a way of speaking to those who I have lost touch with or just lost. They will be addressed anonymously in order to hold in a single hand, my complete honesty alongside respect for each addressees' new story. new lives. new loves. etc.

So, friends. I hope you will read on and, perhaps, resonate with one certain letter. recognizing your story has found its way inside of mine.


At 8:34 PM, Blogger suzy teune said...

i've been looking for home my whole life too, ashley.


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