Thursday, February 28, 2008

Him. Or Her. Or Me.

me. by will perreault

there is a group of people soon to be my family. now only uncommon indivduals with their own mysterious feelings and furrowed brows. they will wake up tomorrow and get on a plane. they will see nicaragua and so see me. and then we will recognize each other.

a letter for when you return.

Dear brothers. Dear sisters. By now you have flown south for a week and back again. Seen Nicaragua. Not the postcard. Painted on. Coffee and and green pasture Nicaragua. Not any Nicaragua your friends would believe. Really. if you told them the truth. I know. By now you are fumbling for phrases that hold the weight of what you saw. every trash can reflects the sin ripped open and spread acroos the grit grey ground of la chureca. Davidson walkways and walls, a reminder of all those bright painted buildings and the feeling of dirt and dust dragging against your feet. Your eyes are showing the faces left behind. The women and their cloth. The men and their stories. The children and their sturdy innocence. Sandino’s silent stare across his once was city. You miss it. I know. Searching for the Nicaragua beneath all that red brick. And textbooks. And money. I know. How your words and your pictures tell of something so urgent now. How your lungs breathe relief when a team member passes you going to class. How Nicaragua has now become a part of your story and not just someone elses. You are changed. and the truth you hold is Beautiful. Important. almost unbearable. I am not writing to tell you it anything you don’t already know. You probably know it much clearer than I remember it now. I only want to say that we, all the groups that woke early in the dark, and traveled south, and watched Nicaragua move before us, remember and support you and the truth you now carry. I believe you are now the builders. the memories. the believers that something has begun that cannot be stopped. Fair trade. Fair wages. Knowledge. Words. Movements. slideshows. Stories. Ssshh. You are changing the world.

May the road rise up.


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