Saturday, February 09, 2008

Do They Collide, I Ask and You Smile

Today is Ash Wednesday and I am feeling indulgent. Giving things up is for the pious I whisper into my espresso. Teenagers who want to loose weight. people who want to pass the time. That sort of thing. But what if we really are turning to dust. My espresso. My house with the slanted floors. Myself. If it is true, then maybe I need to touch these things before I do go down into all that dirt and darkness. The mud in my front yard that I usually curse at after stepping in it on my way to work. The slick stairs I skip for the elevator. And all those puddles pushed against the pavement that take weeks to dry up after it rains.
Maybe the answer is to forsake my car for my feet so I can feel these things rightly. But I have grown so fond of going places quickly. Of keeping out the weather and other people. Of Sealing up my secrets inside metal and gasoline.
I suppose Jesus knew a bit about walking. Feet all calloused and cracked from the sandals he wore. I guess rubbing against that desert dust everyday reminded him. How all these cities and disciples would be sunk beneath the sand someday. Speed. Space. And all this sand. isn’t what matters. He whispers as he bends down to feel the forehead of his friend.
The air is getting warmer. I am learning the feel of grass. carpets. sidewalks. we are all turning to dust. Jesus is leaning forward to lace his sandal.


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