Sunday, December 02, 2007

When I've Lost All Care For the Things I Own, That's When I Miss You

2 winters ago. The year I gave you the rickety blue kettle and scratched your name on the bottom so I wouldn’t change my mind later.the year all that snow froze the freeways and branches. You drove down from Bethlehem wearing the scarf Jamie bought you with a package under your arm. you had found a mug for me, some day searching with Hannah Pleckon north of here. It had these dots around its top that looked like peacocks tails and an indented rectangle just under the handle with letters in it. I loved the thumbrest and the way it felt heavy inside my hands. last year I lost it between the hills I hiked and my new apartment with the wood burning fireplace. I lose things all the time, my father, bad memory, bad habit might say. My turtle pin in Scotland. My favorite cd on the airplane from paris. My ring from Istanbul while washing the dog. Yesterday I found my mug holding a scrub brush and the dish washing soap. I filled it with spice tea and told the kids I work with that I think smells like Christmas. Now when I bring it to school they stick their little faces into its big rim and say christmas.
I think maybe there are some things that are lost for good and good reason. But, perhaps, there are those other things, lost and then brought back by the world’s magnetism. good karma. God. Because you’ve lost enough enough already and they have more stories to tell.


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