Sunday, September 17, 2006

Prophets and Parachutes

resident, ingrid fankhauser

It is the end of the weekend and I am in a coffeeshop gorging myself on the latest middle eastern crisis and free coffee refills. Syrians are gathering lebenese refugees into their hopsital beds and there are more sillhouettes on the horizon. They come by way of the sand marked suspicous street that leads into damascus. grandfathers sit in store windows sipping cardmom coffee and smoking pipes. Talking about oil and the prophet paul.

paul was set on hauling fumbling christ follwers away in metals and keys. instead he gets knocked clean off his horse. told to run rampant and tell fables of sea floating saviors. Has to confront his friends and his donkey on this cathartic moment. Embarassing, stumbling moment. when everything he has has changed and cannot be undone.

That road is full of magic and unsuspected skylines they whisper through beards and bombshells. Open armed syrians or god. never know who youre gonna get or where you will end up. faces and veils. river lines and compasses. heaven.

in moments of honesty, I know i am walking the same lines. With the lebeneese women paul and all our beliefs of exactly what lies at the end of the road. On other roads I have simply said I learned my lesson or forgotten the lesson all together, either way I do not remember well what it is that wears off as fate. Coincidence. And I revert to my old routines. lists. worries.

I cannot play the violin anymore. I worry about money. my weight. my sister. How slow I read. I still look for red jeeps on highways. but I believe there is hope in the end and the end is never what we suspect. we will all get knocked clean off our horse and not be quite the same afterwards. The lebenese are flooding syrain borders. Paul is leaving legends that god is a jouster.


At 10:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss you. Things have been changing here in Boulder. Things for the better, ways I hadn't expected. I hope you're well and the mountains of NC are treating you as well as the mountains of CO are treating me.
Love in Christ,


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