Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thoughts from a Concerned Airplane Stewardess

sunset @the airport 3, liad cohen

you tell me my past, looking on my hands for childhood scars, but those were so long ago and hardly relevant. you are beautiful and feisty you think to yourself. i watch you like a movie with the sound turned off. i am more than my past and my memories of things i think to myself. i have wings and can fly. i just winked at you, told you something about wind currents in Nepal.

yesterday i left you a message that said i was out for the day. went off to follow sails and the fishermen as they cast for food and wishes and men. i gathered sunsets into my dresses like comets or seeds. tied up my hair and slipped stones into my pockets for awakening the water down below. when it runs out of friends. there are times i cant remember why i left you. for higher ground or level water. or if it was because i wanted an adventure and someone to tell me they loved me because i could skip rocks.


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