Monday, May 01, 2006

once upon a time

red, petcharat chanbua

you are not my friend. i said to time. my friends tell me you bring healing, stand still, wear down riverbeds, fly. a little girl will read a fairy tale and picture, in her head, sitting upon you, her legs dangling off. an old man will hang you from his pocket, click open and closed the gold round shutter to your strongwilled second hands. but i know better. you are my lists of things to do, my reason for leaving, the overgrown bushes by the church, and all those hours ive lost in manilla files and counting machines.
tonight and maybe i will not be afraid of you and your blinking red lines. i am good at flying too. and i will laugh and hold his hands and stretch them as far as i can, to the sky to prove it. and we will win.
i roll against his arms and the alarm clock. open your eyes its morning and the sky is on fire, you whisper.


At 12:40 PM, Anonymous jeremy said...

ashley, where'd you go!


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