Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Come Home Darlin, Come Home Quickly, Come Home Darlin, All is Forgiven

To Whom it May Concern (and I suppose God is concerned),
I'm sorry i didn't pay attention in church. i couldn't keep up with all the songs in the books with those really thin pages. i know, my fingers are clumsy. i couldn't sing them with my low range anyway. i kept thinking about those mountains you made in north carolina and about my spine that was starting to hurt. i know, i have bad posture. but the old church walls were really great. besides, rubbing fingers along incense prayer covered stone is right up my alley. i sat near one of the big columns on purpose. i was, though, a little worried because i don't think you could hear the rain with those high ceilings and they kept my friend outside who hadn't dressed up and admittedly probably not showered. the crucifix was a little dramatic, i grew up methodist. but i would keep the part with the bread and wine. god know i needed a drink after all that.

then again i guess you knew we were going to need something as dramatic and gory and commonplace as a drink, after that service. that day. god, that month. and much more often than those food pyramids suggest. maybe it wasn't really a practical joke in spoiling your best friends' appetites, with the whole bit about the body and blood. i dont think it was. you must have known i need reminding alot.
i dont mind if you call me ash or darlin.

*photo from Lomographic Society, colored bubbles on leg, for more see


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