Wednesday, January 18, 2006

you're going to be a really good doctor

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looking around, sometimes, i could tell you what my friends would be. of course, i wouldn't tell my little predestination plans for them, only phrases like, "you'll be a really good doctor someday" or "you'll be able to do whatever you what to do, im sure" no, you, dear friends, give away the most when you are in a crowd, pressed against a wall or a hand, on sundays, on holidays, when you think noone's looking.
"you're going to live in the city," i told him, "and be proud that youre wearing suits with pens in the pockets and be embarassed when you forget to wear black socks with your dress up shoes."

"you're going to build your own house, i told him. and be proud that your hands have callouses on them, just along the tips there and be embarassed when it rains and you weren't expecting it, because you were always good at predicting."

"youre going to tell people what to do. i told her. and be proud that you use words like subsidized and essential and be embarassed that haverford sold that land to the state to raise their average household income"

"youre going back to the mountains. i told her. and be proud that those flaming curls of yours understand just what kind of girl you are. and be embarassed you had left your home for so long that the trees almost forgot your name."

looking around, i could tell these things, sometimes, about my friends and that was my favorite part of being around them. i can remember the grieving and the shiver that they would be these things without me these things with your wives who would find that curve in your lower back really wonderful. be these things with your congregations or collegues and make secrets of your own, stealing communion bread or someone's pen, make stories just for yourself, arriving before anyone else to sign the papers, ask for forgiveness, take the sprinkled donut...

in crowds, noone supposes you are looking at them, thats why people enjoy them so much. im not sure if any of my predictions panned out, but it gave me something to do. i didn't like crowds much.


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