Wednesday, January 18, 2006

somewhere north of here

i live in germantown but drive north to do my errands. sigh of relief, the convience of suburbia life comforts me. in germantown people still sit on their porches next to rusted chairs or shopping carts. sitting to defy the socialites who exchanged rubbing tired fingers and post-work, stoop conversations for catching buses to walmart. running my errands in germantown means a comment from the poorly intentioned man outside the convienent store, potholes, lottery ticket stands, hot dog stands, mothers clutching babies, old men dragging their feet at traffic light crossings and making me wait. i live in germantown, but drive north, mostly, to do my errands, sigh. uneasiness on my way to green lawns and customer friendly stores. this isn't living like they are beautiful or important at all. the people eating hog dogs, clutching their babies, dragging their feet. not integration or redemption or anything good at all. i drive north anyway. lock my doors. avoid people's eyes. behind head coverings and hats. get embarassed i can't be braver. in the north, there are babies in strollers. two story houses. two parent families, white families. mothers wearing big sunglasses, high schoolers at the local starbucks. sip my mocha, $3.75. sigh. relief. disgust. this city is broken, im not helping things. and its going to take more than just doing my errands on the street with the poorly intentioned man and disorganized convienient store. i might have to, god, ask him for the time, his name. if he has time to tell a story, grab a coffee. i should stop driving north, even if rumor has it among the church folk, it gets you closer to god, they couldn't be more wrong.


At 4:37 PM, Blogger jeremy said...

I've lived in Philly for exactly one week. I lived in Germantown, just down the street from The Rib Crib.

At 10:43 AM, Blogger SilverGryphon said...

one person affecting another, potentialliy leading to affecting another. one person affection a community, potentially leading to affecting another. one person affecting a city, potentially leading to affecting another. one person affecting a country, potentially leading to affecting another. sometimes dramatic, sometimes subtle, there are too many gray faces within this gray sky scraper filled collection of buildings to see what color flower your seed of love will bloom in their life, in their year, in their month, in their day, in their minute just before someone cuts them off in traffic, honks their horn at them rudely, or have to wait for a cobble of school children crossing the road, delaying and detouring them from their plan for their own happiness. for a fact, i know the love you live is making a difference in this city -- because it at least makes a difference in me.


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