Thursday, November 17, 2005

You're The Reason I'm Traveling on

the approaching of this holiday season means a good many things other than just the roasting of turkeys and the lighting of furnaces because. i find myself in a completely different place altogether. it means the i have pulled out my coat earlier and laced my boots many more times. it means that fall has come and nearly gone as i make my way to the airport towards home. its making new soup recipes and discovering new pathways when the old ones are covered in leaves. its watching the children at work finding the absence of family in their little lives more terribly conspicuous. its being proud to tell my dad which bob dylan songs ive learned since last time i was home. its pilgrims and corn and bad jokes about corn. its laughing at the time i was in paris for thanksgiving and the turkey was stolen out of the oven when the power went out in my apartment. its putting cinnamon in my coffee so it smells like christmas in the house. its greeting new boyfriends and children that have come into the family with as little social awkwardness as possible. its allowing these things to create new memories and new landscapes of my life to be written down or sung about or just for the remembering.


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