Thursday, November 03, 2005

All the Glory that the Lord has Made, and the Complications you could Do Without, When I Kissed You on the Mouth

no. haven't been kissed on the mouth recently but i thought sufjan stevens ( put it nicely. as i settle into days and walk in more weighted ways here, there's always a pull to be busier and more productive and more grown up. to trade my mocassins and mended clothing for power suits with pen stripes and the long, wooded way from work to home for the more efficient ive decided to ignore this pull and stick with what i have learned to love about where i live now. to make it a point to step out onto my porch when the kids at school across the street have recess and send their laughter and shouting my direction. to make it a point to notice people. to listen more to my bb king record and sing along to it. to allowing the missing of things like mountains and southern accents and the evening hours when most people are getting off work and settling into their dinner conversations. to always take the long way home. where i am right now is not a bad place to be so much at all.


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