Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Take Me Back to the Start (A Brief Summary)

I work at a residential home for severly traumatized kids. On their bad days, they can kick and spit and punch and do a good job of showing us that they are hurting and terrified children. On their good days, they forget their abvout living in survival mode and just remember how to be children. I spend time there during the evenings, which means I work with the kids as they eat dinner, take showers, draw pictures, and sing songs. The best part of my job; getting to read them stories at bedtime. (Right now I'm in the middle of Bradley the Bear and the Great Swamp Monster....its a mystery book.)
I live in a house thats very old and very large with lots of wooden floors and sealed up fireplaces. I'm cleaning out a room in the basement with decent lighting and woodcutting table to do art. I come out of the basement looking like a chimney sweep after finding many long forgotten treasures, like broken colored pieces of glass and old pictures. While I'm working on that space, I've been able to enjoy a bit of contracted work with murals and people's houses. I've been playing a good bit of music around at coffeeshops and cozy candlelit bars that are especially nice when it's raining out. I'm also helping to lead worship at the church I've found, I enjoy Philadelphia and constantly need prayer for my ability to love people well, at home, at work, and on these streets.


At 4:57 PM, Blogger SilverGryphon said...

Welcome to Philadelphia! :-) Hi Ashley! It's Isaac. I wanted to post a comment so I figured a simple Welcome would be a good start ^_^ Even though you've been in Philly for quite a while now.

At 5:36 PM, Blogger Mark Traphagen said...

Welcome to blogdom, Ashley. I enjoy your music!

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