Monday, October 24, 2005

"Sun Shines and Leaves Blow"

i spent muh of this weekend watching leaves make their glorious, silent descents into puddles. it signals more than just the coming of autumn. i remember how the leaves changed their colors last year and the year before that and i remember, and maybe more so, the people i shared the watching with.
i spent time this weekend with friends ive met on sundays at church and next to fireplaces and dosing off to banjo tinkering and good books. but in these celebrations, i realize the seperateness of lives spent between work and church and where i live and feel at points like a shabbily constructed model airplane where the pieces have a hard time working together. so im making this a hope for my time here, that i learn how to be one person instead of many and how to be myself in many situations. ...i have become all too good at trading truth for false unity. so i think this change looks something like listening more, demanding laughter in regular doses, and loving my brothers and sisters with the honesty and transparency they deserve. autumn is my favorite time of year.


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At 3:04 PM, Blogger SilverGryphon said...

Autmn is such a beautiful time of the year. Autmn, spring, and winter snow days are my favorite times of the year. For quite some time I didn't like the fall because it marked the beginning of school, and schoolwork. But the skys have been absolutly amazing recently. It's often hard to look up and see the beauty that God has painted across his vast infinite canvas as we strive to further ourselves and promote our desires in the city. I'm so glad that you've had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this season and have been blessed with people to share it with. :)


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